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What if every child finished high school, went to college or university, got a job and gave back to our community? Wouldn't that be something?

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There is no more important investment we can make than in helping our nation's children realize and share their full potential

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A BIG congratulations goes out to all of our BikeFest Winners. They are as follows:

Harley Davidson winner: 
Augie Martinis

The 5 $100 draw winners: 
Stanley Mardling
Janet Loveday
Jim Hamilton 
John Hensel
Tom Lorondeau

The BIG 50/50 winner:
Diane Moreau




Witnessing the transformation of a child into a confident young person is a remarkable thing. 

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October 26, 2016

Little brothers and sisters join us for our spooky and spectacular annual Halloween Party! Wear your most thrilling and spine-tingling costume, feast at the taco bar, and indulge in our variety of crafts, games, and activities.  



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